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Raku is a very special ceramic technique, originally deriving from Korea and Japan.

In the early days it was used in the manufacturing of the tea ceremonial objects, but later on it has developed in to a free artistic burning technique.
A living obstinate inspiring technique that sometimes delivers splinter and sometimes divine miracles.

The already one time fired goods is glazed by a low temperature glaze and placed in a wood- or LPG-fired owen, preferably outside. When the goods is redhot it's removed with a pair of tongs and placed in a fireproof container filled with straw, sawdust or similar. If it's closed so that the oxygen nullifyes, you will get a reduction and some unusual and beautiful effects in the glazing will appear.

Carbon combined with potsherd brings out the beautiful crackles in the glaze apearing due to the swift change from heat to cold. If you are satisfied with the result, stop here. Would you like something different the object could be reglazed and fired all over again.

All objects are unique and impossible to duplicate.

Because of the swift temperature changes in the fireing, the goods are more fragile than other ceramics and are not waterproof. If a vase is used for flowers should a glass container with the water be placed inside.

The Roman centurion and the child - raku-ceramic reliefvase
Dancing woman - raku-ceramic reliefvase

Dragonmaiden - raku-ceramic reliefvase Amogasiddhi - raku-ceramic walladornment Rainbownet - raku-ceramic fruitplate Hind / raku-ceramic reliefvase

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